Global 45ml - Yellow

Global 45ml - Yellow

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Global Colours’ liquid face and body paint is brightly pigmented, quick-drying and gentle on skin. Ideal for makeup artists, face/body painters, sports supporters, children’s parties, festivals and fairs, it has a smooth ‘soft paste’ texture which dries with a soft, velvety non-smudge finish. Containing only approved cosmetic ingredients that comply with all worldwide safety regulations, including FDA, EU and Australian standards, this water-based face and body paint is:
- Vegan
- Not tested on animals
- Hypoallergenic
- Non-staining
- Non-toxic and safe for kids
- Made in an ethical facility with safe working conditions
- In recyclable packaging
- Easily removable without scrubbing

This vibrant yellow colour is perfect for Lion King designs, Pikachu, Minions, Simpsons, Spongebob and bright natural elements uch as sunsets and stars.

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