Kryolan Spirit Gum - 12ml with brush

Kryolan Spirit Gum - 12ml with brush

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Stick anything to your face with Kryolan Spirit Gum!

The best performing spirit gum we have ever used, this product can be used to stick on lace, jewels for a glamorous decoration or use for special FX such as prosthetics, including elf ears, moustaches, beards, wigs, bald caps or wound effects. 

Kryolan spirit gum is a clear, sweat resistant glue that is safe to use on the skin.

Apply 2 layers for a stronger (dance all night) hold.

To remove, gently peel off the appliance then wipe away residue on the skin with baby oil or olive oil. 

Apply your spirit gum to clean skin, then paint makeup around and on top.

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