MesmerEyez Red Mini Sclera

Red – 17mm Mini Sclera

$ 54.95

Red Mini Sclera Lenses

Size: 17mm diameter

Colour: Solid Red

Expiry: 3 months (90 days)

A fantastic addition to any make-up collection, these lenses are perfect for creating a horror effect or to complete your overall Halloween look. 

MesmerEyez lenses completely cover your natural eye without affecting your vision and they’ll give you that next level professional cosplay look.





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Product Description

Quality and Comfort. All MesmerEyez contact lenses are made from a specially patented Skin Soft material to make the most comfortable contact lenses on the world’s market. The ideal finishing touch for your costume and perfect for freaking out your friends and other party goers, these Cosmetic lenses are from the leading brand of MesmerEyez. A fantastic addition to any Halloween or Horror make-up collection and they’re sure to get that real freaky look to complete your overall dress-up appearance. Like something from the other side of the apocalypse! The lenses are ideal for wearing with your Halloween costume, cosplay, role-play costume parties as well as those going for that extreme fashion look. They’re light, soft and comfortable to wear and your eyes will continue to feel fresh, hydrated and comfortable all day long.

Mini Scleras are 17mm which is slightly larger than your natural iris size and standard contact lens size of 14mm. Much easier to get in than a Full Sclera of 22mm, these are a high impact effect lens suitable for people who want to advance their contact lens wearing to the next level.

Sold as a pair with storage case. Wear for maximum of 8 hours at a time. 45% water content. Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline. Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive in the UK. Produced under ISO International Standards quality control.


Additional Information

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Dimensions 50 × 90 × 10 cm